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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Cloud Integration Platform (iPaaS)


iPaaS means Integration Platform as a Service. It's an answer for companies that are tired of using archaic methods of integrating their systems, and are looking for a cloud-based integration service. In this way, they get a method that will offer reliable integration solutions. This method syncs up all the key information and processes of a company in the cloud, for easy accessibility from any place. Here are some reasons why choosing this kind of a platform is a wise business idea.


The flexibility of this platform is a great plus. Here, businesses are given the choice or option of connecting and accessing all their systems and business partners at one go. In this fast evolving business and technological world, where there are rapid developments and innovations in the market on a daily basis, companies need a system that will be flexible enough to meet all needs as they arise. By using this platform, your business can quickly adapt to these innovations and integrate them into your systems faster and effectively.


When businesses were using traditional on-premise methods of system integration, they were sorely responsible and in charge of the entire system. This was a massive responsibility that drained resources of the business. In this new platform of integration, you are assured of a better and efficient service from service providers. You're rest assured that the service provider will handle all matters pertaining to your business. Traditional methods required a lot of resources in the maintenance of servers. Know about automated integration between Magento 2 and NetSuite here! 


In any business or company, security is of paramount importance. Most people shy away from cloud-based integration solutions thinking they are not secure. What they don't realize is that these cloud systems are actually more secure than on-site integration system because they follow and implement the safest security guidelines and policies. Another advantage is that you choose to control what information you'll upload to the cloud.


When you decide to use traditional ways of system integration for your business, you find yourself in a disadvantaged position in terms of costs accrued, compared to using cloud-based solutions. This is because you will have to incur massive expenses in areas like the required infrastructure for the system, the labor to implement and maintain it and the licensing fees needed. In contrast, when you use cloud integration platforms, you are assured of making huge savings.


Traditional methods of integration usually take longer to set up and implement. This cannot be said of the iPaaS integration platforms which normally take hours or just a few days to set up compared to the months used in other methods. This drastically saves time and frees up time to be used in the actual running of the company's systems. Opting for cloud-based integration platforms (iPaaS) is indeed of huge benefit to your business. Sync your NetSuite and Google Contacts here!